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What We Offer

The Basics


Whether it's composing a portrait, shooting a horse show, or staging product shots for commercial use, Wavelength Design has plenty of experience behind the camera. In addition to a love for photography, PPA Award winning images vouch for the skill required to create the images you desire. Don't trust your next images to another soccer mom with a Christmas gift camera - call a professional! Booking sessions now!

Ad Design

Going on 16 years working in the horse industry, with all the best image makers in the industry, Wavelength Design wants to be your next ad designer. Marketing trainers, exhibitors, horses, and ranches is what we do best. Never content to simply blend in, you can count on us to work with you until you love your next ad. Contact us today to get started and ask about first time customer discounts.

Web Sites

Who doesn't have a website in this day and age? We try to constantly stay on the cutting edge of web technology and believe it is imperative to have an impressive landing spot for anyone who might be looking for you on the world wide web. If you don't have a web presence or haven't changed images out in five years, maybe you need to get ahold of us for a quote! 


Ideas for sale! Not to be pigeon-holed into an artist only corner, Wavelength Design is here to try and provide solutions for ANY issues you might have. We Create is the motto - and creativity plus a persistence to figure it out goes a long way toward tackling goals. Business Analysis, Marketing Plans, and Corporate Consultation are all arrows in the quiver around here.

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Photo Retouching

"Can you photoshop me?", is a question we hear all the time. The answer is, "Of course!". It's one of the services we offer that without a doubt we know we stand where few have ever reached in terms of hours spent retouching images. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something and Owner/Designer Cody hit that a few years in, due to 12-18 hr days retouching images at fast paced photography events. And those hours weren't spent because it took a long time to finish an image, but rather, he was retouching thousands of images per event (among other jobs). The 10,000 hour mark happened somewhere around 13 years ago, so please ask us if we can photoshop you, because we can and we will! And if you are a photographer in need of retouching for an event, we are just a dropbox away!

Ranch Calls / Location / Horse Show Photography

No matter where you are in the world, we can come to you to get those stand-out images that you love! We've spent a large part of the last 16 years working on the road producing the equine images you've used in advertising and framed for your home. Now, let us come to you to create your next images for use in ads or just to show off your loved one! Booking sessions now, so contact us now to schedule us as your next photographer!

Corporate Identity & Branding

The most essential weapon in your marketing arsenal - whether you're just starting out, or need a fresh look, we'll help you put your best foot forward. This generally means logo concept and creation and Brand Buildout from that point forward. For example, if you happen to own a restaurant, Brand Buildout might include menu creation, business cards, website design, interior design, and exterior signage. Growing your business starts with exposure, and books are judged by their covers more often than not. So, we're here to help invite more people to do business with you!


If images capture your customer's attention, Words are what keep it. Writing strong body copy is something many people do not have time to do, or simply can not do well. That's where you call us, and we say, "Hey! Of course we would love to do that for you!".

Business Consulting

Sometimes, people just have a product and start selling it. We can help make sure they are still around in the future to keep selling it. With Business Administration training and years of experience, we can bring an outsider's perspective in for a fraction of what you might pay a corporate consulting company. We can build a specific plan of action, instruct and discuss it with you and leave you to it, or we can work long term with you to ensure the proper steps are taken to increase your business.

Marketing Strategy

Don't be satisfied to just put your product out in front of people. Make sure it's the right people. We can help find the right audience and get the most bang for your advertising buck. Get a personalized marketing plan and advice on how to better promote your company and increase profits.

Digital Artwork

The wonderful thing about graphic designers is they are "planners with an aesthetic sense". So, to exercise that right side of our brain, we love to take on art projects for the sake of art. From commissioned decorative pieces to digital oil portraits stretched on canvas, we can be artsy too.